THEngineering knows irrigation!

Whether you are upgrading your 100 year old flood irrigation system to a sprinkler, or converting your odd shaped field to subsurface drip (SDI), THEngineering is there to provide an unbiased third party opinion.  We are not associated with any manufacturer, contractor, or equipment distributer which ensures the irrigation system you get is what is best for YOU!

We provide varying levels of irrigation design and consulting services including:

  • Complete surface and groundwater supply design
  • Flood to sprinkler, or drip conversions
  • Variable pump system design
  • Topographic mapping services
  • Subsurface drip design
  • Troubleshooting existing systems
  • Water measurement
  • Irrigation scheduling
  • Chemigation systems
  • River diversions
  • Ditch system measurement and analysis
  • Water storage

Travis is a John Deere Water Certified Water Consultant in cooperation with Fontanelle


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