How do you currently schedule your irrigations?

  • Do you turn your pivot on and forget it in fear of getting behind?
  • Do you irrigate only when water is available?
  • Do you probe an area nearest the pivot road?
  • Do you base it on a weather station; located how many miles away?

Introducing a cost effective irrigation scheduling service that not only gives you professional recommendations, but also provides you the information to back it up and ultimately allows YOU to make the decisions that matter.

  • Sentek™ Capacitance soil moisture probes
  • Remote telemetry
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Installation
  • Removal
  • In season consulting and scheduling recommendations
  • A second professional set of eyes and opinions
  • Increased plant health by providing a better root environment
  • Reduced pumping cost
  • Reduced leaching of Nitrogen

 Complimentary services:

  • EC Mapping
  • Variable rate irrigation prescriptions
  • Variable rate planting prescriptions
  • NDVI Imagery

Actual data from 2011 growing season

Probes saved this crop!

Impacts of water stress on corn yield


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